Home Additions in Longmont, CO

Start Your Residential Remodel

Is your home starting to show its age? Maybe your kids are growing up, and you no longer need that extra play space. Perhaps you’re thinking about finding a new use for some of the rooms. Do you want to expand your bedroom or living room space? GJ Koeppen Construction has worked on countless renovation jobs before. We can help.

Interior Remodeling

We can renovate any part of your home. Just go over our portfolio to see what our team is capable of. If you’ve been looking for a company to work on a residential remodel in Longmont, CO, put our crew on top of your list. With 16 years in the business, we’ve done major renovations in many homes in the area. Our work has stood the test of time, making clients happy, fulfilled, and satisfied.

Make It Your Space

Whether you need a mudroom, a home office, or any other new additions to your home, talk to us. Our experience with home additions in Longmont, CO, means we can guide you through the process. If you’re not sure what’s possible, talk to us. We can discuss your ideas, and our team will come up with layouts to show you which features can be carried over. We can help you create the space you want for your home with the features that you find non-negotiable.

Certified Contractors

With a crew of certified contractors, you won’t have to go online and look for “residential remodeling contractors near me.” Contact us if you want to get started on that remodel right away. Our proven track record in the field means we’re in an excellent position to offer any assistance you need. From layouts to choosing long-lasting materials and more, you can make your decisions with confidence. Learn more when you contact us today.